New CMS: Hugo

Jun 18, 2016   #Meta 

So it turns out that Ghost hiked their prices quite significantly. When I signed up, their most basic plan cost $10 per month. At the new price point hosting is at $29/month, or $19 if you commit to a whole year1.

While I understand that they need to remain in business and wish for their commercial success, the new bottom price tier of $29 per month is far too pricey to justify at this point. At the same time, I’m very reluctant to hosting it myself. It’s a shame; I liked the Ghost interface, but I’m not going through the hoops of hosting a Node.js application myself for this blog.

After looking at various popular static site generators, I’ve settled on Hugo. I’m a distant admirer of the Go programming language, the platform seemed mature and the community felt vibrant.

With the new setup, the whole site is hosted in an S3 bucket behind a CloudFront distribution. This should give me the combination of blazing fast speed and virtually free hosting.

Things that remain to do are:

  1. Find a good workflow for images.
  2. Determine best practices for minification of content during publishing.
  3. Develop a custom theme (using the very nice Angel’s Ladder theme for now.
  4. Start blogging regularly.

The overall design philosophy for the blog remain:

  • Lightness: Lightweight markup and CSS, no unnecessary Javascript.
  • Privacy: No trackers or analytics services spying on users2.
  • Security: Mandatory HTTPS and no externally hosted assets.


  1. I’m grandfathered at my old price point now, but who knows how long it’ll remain. [return]
  2. Timestamp, IP address and HTTP method is logged per request. [return]